Custom Area Rugs

Exclusive Designs Are By: Mahvash Jalili Amjadi

Sofas and Sectionals - Freeform and Shape Patterns are usually designed to go partially under the sofa,
To accommodate for the design.
Kindly send dimentions or your sectional so we could scale it to your setup and design.

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Petes Room
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Just a few easy steps to purchase our quality custom rugs.
1) Simply select a design that you prefer
2) Select the main color that you want
3) Select the accent colors that you would like added
4) Select the size rug that you need.
email the info  CLICK HERE

We will do the rest...
You will get a complete rendering of your design and color swatches for you to approve. Once you have made all necessary changes, we will create your one of a kind custom area rug in our manufacturing facility here in South Florida. All our custom rugs are 100% guaranteed workmanship and shipped to you within 4 weeks