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Photo to Canvas 

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Gallery Wrap
Hand Brushed

Studio Canvas Gallery Wrap - Artistic Hand Brushed Finish
The Gallery Wrap has an over sized canvas print so we could wrap the picture around the sides of the stretch bars.
For the Fine artistic one of a kind look, we use a special hand brushed glaze. The texture of the water resistant finish gives you the look of an original oil painting.

Swimming Pool Supplies

Check out the Swimming Pool Supplies below for our selection of top quality products which includes everything from pool chemicals and cleaners to covers to floats and games and deck furniture.  In The Swim offers the best selection and the best quality. We also offer products from the most popular and trusted brand names in the industry.  With more than 2500 items in stock and nine distribution centers, we have above ground swimming pools, chemicals and equipment available for immediate purchase and fast delivery.


Automatic Pool Cleaners

The Automatic Pool Cleaners are devices that have never made cleaning your pool easier!!  There are many makes and models of automatic pool cleaners which you check out by clicking below.  Several have received a wide-spread use and more importantly, acceptance by consumers and service technicians.  Because there are several makes and models to choose from there is no reason for you to go any longer without one!!  Check out these "robots" for your pool!!


10 Tips Your Swimming Pool Dealer
Probably Won't Give You!

ust how easy is a swimming pool? Tip #1:
Swimming pool chemicals from the grocery store! Tip #2:

Still adding calcium to your vinyl liner swimming pool? Why? Tip #3:
Be your own pool dealer: test it your self! Tip #4:
Save time, trouble AND money: buy generic! Tip #5:

Timing is everything -- if you want an easy pool! Tip #6:
What's the truth about pool chemical dangers? Tip #7:
All those algicides: which is best? Tip #8:
Chlorine alternatives: a better deal for whom? Tip #9:
Once a bromine pool, Always a bromine pool Tip # 10:

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