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Photo to Canvas 

New Years Connect

Gallery Wrap
Hand Brushed

Studio Canvas Gallery Wrap - Artistic Hand Brushed Finish
The Gallery Wrap has an over sized canvas print so we could wrap the picture around the sides of the stretch bars.
For the Fine artistic one of a kind look, we use a special hand brushed glaze. The texture of the water resistant finish gives you the look of an original oil painting.

Discount Bed Bath Decor

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Bath Linen Accessories

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Bath Linen Accessories





What to bring:

1) Underwear and socks are the first things you’ll run out of. Bring lots!
2) Bring a bathrobe, a pair of shower shoes, and a shower caddy for that long walk from the showers to your dorm room.
3) Bring your favorite sports equipment: tennis racquet, baseball mitt, roller blades, etc. Don’t forget helmets or shin guards.
4) Is the school’s climate hot or cold? Will you need thermal underwear, gloves and hats or sandals and extra bathing suits?
5) Handi-Tak is ideal for putting up posters without damaging walls.
6) Use cinder blocks or bed elevators to raise your bed, increasing storage space underneath. You can also use cinder blocks to stack boards at intervals for extra shelving.
7) Bring earphones for your radio, stereo or TV to make it easier for techno fans to live with classical music lovers.
8) Take along a disposable camera – they’re inexpensive and worry-free.
9) Keys: be sure to have an extra set, including car keys.
10) A roll of duct tape can be indispensable for securing and fixing almost anything.
11) Take along spare pairs of glasses or contact lenses and copies of the prescriptions.
12) Stock up on individual packets of sugar, sweetener, ketchup, mayo and mustard to keep in your dorm room for those midnight snacks.
13) Rolls of quarters are a hot college commodity, needed for laundry, soda, snacks and meters.
14) Take a supply of your regular medications, prescriptions, and your doctors’ phone numbers.
15) You can never have enough batteries, in all sizes.
16) Stamps come in handy for snail mail or paying bills.
17) Bring along framed photos of those you love so your dorm room will feel more like home.
18) Let there be light! Remember extension cords, lamps, and extra bulbs.